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Opposite the Club Camprestre
Road to the El Edén airport
Phones: (6)7479703 - 3108492131
The Hotel Campestral Palma Verde is located in the main road that goes from La Tebaida to Armenia, just 2 minutes from the Airport “El Eden” and 15 minutes far from Armenia, the Capital city of Quindio. The hotel is located just off the Campestre Club, where you can feel the harmony of the site. It is the perfect hideaway from the congestion of the outside world.

Hotel Palma Verde is an ideal place to come back after a long day of meetings or sightseeing, and be pampered with luxury of every sort.


Church, Humid Area, Restaurant, Coffee - Bar, Conference Rooms and more.
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Comfortable villas and rooms that will make your stay a pleasant experience.
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El Quindio is a state in Colombia, with an extension of 1946 km2. It is located in the west of the central cordillera. Its topography is one of the most beautiful ones in Colombia, where you find array of mountains. Its climate is tropical, where it is warm during the whole year. The temperature varies between 19ºC and 22 ºC.

El Quindio has 12 districts. All its counties and specially Armenia, the capital city of Quindio, has an excellent infrastructure with very well state roads and access to the different areas around the state.

Palma Verde Hotel Campestre
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